Short Run Small Press Fest, Seattle Washington, November 2013 at Washington Hall.

I spent the whole day posting pictures on Facebook so people would tag the photos. Now I'm too tired to repost everything here, so... Feel free to visit my Facebook album for more photos.

1. I'm going to need help identifying people in these photos. If you know who these happy guys are,
please send me a note so I can add it to the caption
(just use the comment section for this post or send an email to trickcoin at gmail dot com.)

Greg Stump and David Lasky at this weekend's Short Run small press fest. They improvised a comic strip collaborating with the audience. Here they are beginning to flesh out ideas... 

Traci Eggleston, Greg Stump and David Lasky listen at the DIY Publishing panel
at Short Run small press fest this weekend.

The master becomes a part of his own comic. Short Run small press festCollab comic event— with David Lasky.

Jack Moriarity and Dennis Eichorn

At Short Run small press fest this weekend, comics artist David Laskycollaborates with the audience on a comic strip. In the background, Eroyn Franklin, one of the festival organizers, takes a picture. 

7. A young feminist attends the festival.

My old pal Frank Young (co-author with David Lasky of the Eisner Award Winning Graphic Novel "Don't Forget This Song"). He and Greg Stump appear here as the Lex Luthor brothers.
Schemes are being hatched! 

Fantagraphics Publisher Gary Groth

Fantagraphics publisher Gary Groth showed up at our table just as Frank M. Young and I put on our goofy umbrella hats for a sequence in Bezango, WA (Documentary). A slightly mortifying moment.

Comics scholar Paul Tumey debriefs Greg Stump after his marathon improvised comic session
at Short Run small press fest

Blurry picture (sorry about that!) of the heroes of the day!
(Founded in 2011 by Eroyn Franklin, Kelly Froh, Jenny Gialenes & Martine Workman) 

Alec Longstreth, Bruce Rutledge, Eric Reynolds at Short Run small press fest, DIY Publishing Panel.
The moderator was Zak Soto (not shown)

14. I'm going to need help identifying people at the Short Run small press fest. If you see someone you recognize, please tag their photo or send me a note. I plan to post most of my photos at and of course I'll send a note to Tom Spurgeon at Comics Reporter. — (with Mark Campos and Brenda H. Kaslow in the background)



I didn't get to see Pat Moriarity. He was away from the table when I stopped by.
But.. I did finally get to meet his rock star son Jack!

Jim Blanchard at Short Run, November 2013

J.R. Williams at Short Run, November 2013

J.R. Williams at Short Run, November 2013

J.R. Williams at Short Run, November 2013




Louise Amandes, co-creator with Ron Austin of an upcoming movie about Pacific Northwest comics culture: Bezango, WA (Documentary). I found her filming a scene for the movie up on the balcony.

Cartoon Simple master Mark Campos at Short Run, November 2013

Paul Tumey, comics scholar extraordinaire and a dear old friend. At Short Run small press fest, November 2013. Be sure to check out Paul's recent book projects: "The Art of Rube Goldberg" and "Society is Nix". Also, he is writing a wonderful column for the Comics Journal called "Framed." Don't miss his 2 part article about George Carlson. And.. oh yeah... he curates websites dedicated to Jack Cole and Screwball Comics! The man is a dynamo!



Tim Miller at Short Run, November 2013

A table full of treasure from Short Run small press fest. I was so busy snapping pictures that I didn't get a chance to get many zines. These are the ones that Paul Tumey scored.

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