Swimming Zebra by bil

"One of France's up and coming young cartoonists, Bil is actually of Austrian origin. Hi is mostly noted for cartoons which cleverly combine line drawings with actual photographs. Hi work, like that of most well-known French artists, appears regularly in Paris-Match."
- The Best Cartoons from France (1955)

Stair Dog by Jacques Dropy

No information online. Here is what my little paperback copy of "The Best Cartoons from France" has to say:
"Dropy learned to draw before he learned to write, a habit which caused him to fail consistently in school. His first group of cartoons were unanimously rejected by the editors who saw them. Perseverance, however, won out, and his fantastic drawings are now happily accepted everywhere. A man of violent feelings yet sentimental thoughts, he keeps two portfolios—one titled Monsters, which is self-explanatory, the other titled Bonshommes, in which his milder ideas are collected."

Cartoon by Bill Lee

Fifteen Heart Attacks by Steve Willis

Fifteen Heart Attacks was a story I began, I'm guessing, in 2009 or 2010. But life caught up to me and the project died. But I can present this unfinished piece in stages. Maximum Traffic got in on the act later. You'll see. 

Morty the Dog's declaration on the splash page is a direct quote from the amazing Vincent Price in his very best movie, Theatre of Blood. Supposedly I actually uttered these lines when I came out of surgery while under the influence of pain killers on April Fool's Day, 1995. 

One time in the late 1970s/early 1980s I woke up after a wild party and found myself behind a couch in the morning. That fond memory inspired this page.

She was found abandoned in the woods. by Benjamin Cady

She was found abandoned in the woods. from Benjamin Cady on Vimeo.

ANIMAL OF DOUBT by Veronika Samartseva

ANIMAL OF DOUBT from Veronika Samartseva on Vimeo.

Flowerpots by Crictor

Flowerpots from Crictor on Vimeo.

Samare by Troshinsky

Samare from Troshinsky on Vimeo.

leftovers by karolina glusiec

leftovers from karolina glusiec on Vimeo.

Vovô by Luiz L. Stockler

Vovô from Luiz L. Stockler on Vimeo.


Thurber via Chris Wheeler

by Whitney Darrow Jr.

by Sam Cobean