The Magician's Dilemma by Jim Gill

The Little Hitch-Hiker by Gene Ahern

Nov Shmoz Ka Pop? Thanks Paul!

by Wirrow

Creatures by Soju Tanaka


Wrinkles, Cracks and Folds #1 by Jim Gill

Paper Science 5 by Philippa Rice

Card Houses by Philippa Rice

No Tali! by Rus

Tali! by Rus

Eat, Sleep, Sniff

Romantic Bison by Lizz Lunney

Magical Unicorns by Lizz Lunney


Pretzel by Lizz Lunney

 Lizz Lunney

Matchbox by Jim Gill

Documentary about Bill Melendez

"If I had to list my top three influences as a filmmaker, I'd have to say they are Francois Truffaut, Orson Welles and Bill Melendez."   Wes Anderson

Superman model sheet by Fleischer Studios

Fleischer Studios
Paul says: "The rigors of producing an animated cartoon by hand in the pre-computer days made it necessary to design simple cartoon figures. Because every detail would have to be accurately reproduced thousands of times, every mark - every eyebrow and wrinkle line was carefully thought out. Within these limits, (perhaps because of them) cartoonist-animators of the 1930s and 40s produced some iconic and enchanting images." Thanks Paul!

by Ub Iwerks

by Baptiste Virot

by Caran d'Ache, December 1895, Le Figaro

Caran d'Ache